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Our team at SL Management Partners has been working together to provide stellar service in the stop loss industry for a number of years. We make your clients our top priority, and our team will be available to you for consultation when you need us. 

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By selecting SL Management Partners as your underwriting partner, you will gain access to our experienced stop loss team that provides an unmatched level of responsiveness. 

Self-Funded Medical Plan

We work with our producer and TPA partners to help your clients gain flexibility and control over their health plan costs.

Stop Loss Insurance

We protect self-funded plans in the event of a catastrophic claim. We help ensure financial security while avoiding unexpected losses.

The BEnefits

Our Stop Loss Highlights

Minimum 50 Lives

We provide protection and peace of mind, ensuring that any large medical claims are covered and the business remains financially secure.

Consultative Underwriters

We provide direct access to experienced consultative underwriters for expert advice and tailored coverage solutions.

Clinical Consultants

At SL Management Partners, we offer on-staff clinical consultants to provide valuable insights and advice to ensure the best coverage possible.

Customizable Policy

We provide customizable policies with competitive rates to meet the needs of any business.

Intelligent Software

We utilize advanced underwriting and risk management software, allowing for more accurate and efficient solutions.

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