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SL Management Partners, LLC (SL Management) is pleased to announce the successful transition of American Fidelity Assurance Company’s (AFA) Direct Stop Loss division to their new Program Management company founded by Steve Solomon and Robert Lang.  Solomon and Lang originally contracted with AFA in 2017 to build a stop loss team and develop a successful underwriting, distribution, and service platform for the carrier.  At the end of 2022, AFA made the corporate decision to exit the Medical Stop Loss Insurance product line and focus their resources on their core benefits business.  SL Management has executed a Program Management Agreement with AFA to service their existing customer business and continue to write new and renewal business through June 2023. 

Ron Byrne, President of the Strategic Alliances division of American Fidelity who oversaw the Direct Stop Loss division explains AFA’s decision.  “We explored several options over the past twelve months with this Division and believe transitioning the business unit to Solomon, Lang and their team was the natural fit for the policyholders and business producers.  Our brand is very important to us, and we know our customers will receive excellent service through this transition.  The move allows AFA to focus more resources on their core benefits products and solutions.” 

Steve Solomon added “We are happy to announce our entire stop loss team has joined us for this exciting opportunity!  Our Management Team has spent decades developing successful value-added sales and risk management services for the self-funded community.  The consultative and relationship focus we bring to our partners has always positioned us favorably in the stop loss market.”

Key to this announcement is their planned stop loss carrier partners moving forward.   SL Management has reached agreement to represent two well-respected national stop loss carriers as a full-service Medical Stop Loss Program Manager.  The powerful new partnership provides both carriers with the opportunity to continue their rapid growth in the medical stop loss market.  SL Management looks forward to introducing their current AFA policyholders and long-term production partners to their new stop loss carriers under separate press releases in conjunction with each carrier. 

Bob Lang commented, “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our customers to our new carrier partners and educate them on the benefits of trusting both carriers with their stop loss insurance needs.  We have been incredibly impressed with their professionalism, capabilities, and industry knowledge.  Highly rated stop loss carriers with strong financials and the desire to take risk are incredibly important in the current environment.”

The transition to SL Management Partners will be completed by April 1, 2023.  We welcome all our customers to visit our website at

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